Getting to Zagreb - training participants


The training venue is Tomislavov dom, a hotel located just outside Zagreb on Medvednica Mountain (also known as Sljeme), which is located at Sljemenska cesta 24, Zagreb. The venue is considered a part of Zagreb, and it is possible to reach it using public transit.


How to get to the venue

From within Zagreb

Zagreb public transit tickets can be bought at kiosks, or directly from the driver on the tram / bus. Each ticket is 10 HRK (about 1.30 EUR) , and needs to be paid for in cash. The trip includes the fare to go all the way to the hotel.

To take public transit in Zagreb, you board the Zagreb tram to Mihaljevac (the end of the tram line), and then take bus 140 in the direction of Sljeme.

If you are arriving by train, take tram 8 in the direction of Mihaljevac, and then continue with bus 140. 


If you are arriving by plane or train, consider ordering an Uber taxi to take you to the hotel. The trip is 30-40 minutes and costs about 250 HRK (40 EUR). You must call the Uber yourself via the Uber app, as the drivers do not wait at regular taxi stands. You can pay for an Uber in cash (HRK only) or by credit card via your mobile app; Uber offers the possibility of easily downloading a receipt for your records.


By car

To arrive by car from the direction of Ljubljana, cross at Brežice and take local roads.

To arrive by car from the direction of Maribor (e.g. from Czechia or Hungary), cross in the direction of Mokrice and take local roads.

There is free parking in front of the hotel.