E-education for Pregnancy and Parenting During COVID-19

E-education for Pregnancy and Parenting During COVID-19

Project financed by: UNICEF office in Croatia

Reference no. 3-2020 / PCA 5-2018

Project period: June 2020 - December 2020

Project budget: 274.813,67 HRK


Roda - Roditelji u akciji (Croatia)

UNICEF Croatia


Overall objective

This programme will help ensure the provision of vital source of information about health for vulnerable groups of pregnant women/their families who require support but are unable to get it because of restrictions and reductions in services for pregnant families due to COVID-19  and the fact that hospitals and health services are offering less services and care to healthy pregnant women. This programme “fills in the gap” and provides women with quality online information reviewed by experts and delivered in an understandable, peer-to-peer format.

It will also provide a source of e-learning for adults who are not able to attend face to face learning about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding in the future as well.


Project activities

1. Development of e-courses for pregnant women and families

2. Technical updates to Expecting, a mobile app for pregnant parents

3. Translation and dissemination of infographics based on WHO recommendations (Croatian, English, Romani-Chib, Romani-Baja, Farsi, Arabic)

4. Webinar for stakeholders