Donation Policy

Since 2001 Roda has been changing the world, one family at a time, while being careful to maintain a strong code of ethics (in Croatian) and keep sustainability in mind. To this effect, we are very careful about who we accept donations from, and who we do not.

RODA will not accept donations from manufacturers and distributors of products within the scope of the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, companies that conduct unethical marketing towards children, and companies whose donations could create a perception of conflict of interest (manufacturers or distributors of child restraint systems, for example). Such donations shall be returned to the Donor(s).

We guarantee that:

  • Your donation will be spent to fund our activities in accordance RODA's Code of Ethics, goals and vision.
  • Your name will be posted on RODA's donors' web page and on all other specific project donor lists. No other data apart of your name, city and state of your residence / business will be made public (e.g. street address etc.). Please e-mail us at if you wish to remain anonymous.

At Roda we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all our donors and of those who use our services. We collect only our donors' and users' essential, basic personal information and offer the option on the use of your personal information, including the option to decide on keeping or removing your name from the lists that are being used in fundraising campaigns. All users' data are strictly kept safe and are accessible exclusively to the members and employees that require them when such data are necessary to perform their work. All members and employees of Roda are responsible for complying with privacy protection principles.

If you notice any errors in your donation (e.g. typing error, or the wrong amount), please contact us by e-mail at We can change / cancel your donation if contact us as within 30 days from the date of donation.