rodine konferencije

First Central European Babywearing Conference

Welcome to the First Central European Babywearing Conference!

This event will bring together European experts in various fields relating to children's phsical and emotional development as well as babywearing counsellors who will speak about the effects of babywearing on a child's development. Conference participants will have the opportunity to get practical advice on babywearing and will be able to try out different types of carriers as well as network with babywearing consultants and experts from all over Europe.

Over the past 15 years Roda has been promoting and teachign parents about the benefits of babywearing nad we are pleased to be teaming up with Ergobaby to organise the first babywearing conference in the region. This will also be an opportunity for Roda to launch its new project - Roda's Babywearing Library.

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Join us in Zagreb on Saturday, October 21st 2017!