Vision, Misssion, Values and Working Principles





The Vision of the Association is a society that actively pursues fulfillment of needs, and protection and attainment of rights of children, parents, future parents and families as a whole, including the right of an individual to an informed choice.

RODA is a non-government organization, which carries positive changes that enable realization of such a society.



The Mission of the Association is to change the society into a society that is responsible towards children, parents, future parents and families – through information, education, active advocacy, initiation and participation in the processes of change, encouraging parents and other societal groups to reevaluate the present situation and participate in changes.


Values and working principles


We are actively changing the system, not adapting to it.

Children have full and equal rights as members of the society. Children have the right to optimal conditions for growth and development.

Parents are capable of competent parenthood.

Individuals have the right to an informed choice based on knowledge.

We put a special emphasis on prevention and try to forestall problems.

Openness towards cooperation with others.

Tolerance and acceptance of differences.

Consistency in ethical fundraising, not accepting funds from industry whose products and their marketing are not in accordance with our values.